Feeling weighed down with the problems life has presented you? Holding onto those experiences can be painful and exhuasting. So slow down, open up, and talk about it.

I help people deal with emotional and behavioural problems in a better way. I specialize in providing support to help individuals and couples encounter on-going, past and future apprehensions without compromising the quality of life. I am dedicated to helping people cope with mental and emotional problems. When working with me, you will receive specific and individualised attention optimized for your needs. 

You deserve a life without self-doubts, insecurities, depression and other painful struggles. I aim to strengthen the community by improving and fostering their mental health and well-being. At Ayesha Nhem counselling, I place a high value on personal development & wellness and focus on areas of depression, anxiety, mental health, trauma, relationship issues and  drug addiction.

So, visit today or consult online now!

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