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About me

I am an educator, life coach and Counsellor.

My mission is to empower everyone to lead a happy life through empathy-centered and emotionally supportive interactions!

Hi there! My name is Ayesha Nhem, and I help people be the best version of themselves!

I strongly believe that with empathy, active listening, and being genuinely interested in other people, we can help them cope with all emotional and behavioral problems. As a therapist, I use a non-judgmental approach to help my clients, both individuals and couples, face life’s conflicts and hurdles. I place a high value on personal development & wellness and focus on areas of depression, anxiety, mental health, trauma, relationship issues, and drug addiction.

What sets me apart is my individualized care for each client. I know that each person has different life experiences, and so are their problems. That’s why I offer specific and individualized attention optimized for each client’s needs.

If you’re overly stressed, going through a rough patch, or depressed, I’m here to help. But remember, you don’t have to be mentally ill or have a traumatic past to see a therapist. Getting support in things like having conflicts with your spouse or difficulty dealing with a busy life can help too. So if you want to improve, heal, deal with, or process anything, I’m here for you!

I am available for

There are many ways to help improve your life, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right technique or the right person to help. You are not alone, we have been there too. Life coaching, individual counselling, and couples counselling can help you improve your life and find happiness.

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Individual Counselling

Life is challenging and we all experience hardships. Counselling helps people process and overcome past experiences that are holding them back in the present day.
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Couples Counselling

Do you have struggles in your relationship? Have you been experiencing thoughts about being unsure about the relationship? Do you find yourself living in a constant cycle of conflict and anger?
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Some of the most successful people find themselves lost, drowned in responsibilities and struggles of life. We get so caught up in supporting others and meeting their expectations