All services can be face to face or online via zoom.


Individual Counselling

Life is challenging and we all experience hardships. Counselling helps people process and overcome past experiences that are holding them back in the present day. I am dedicated to helping you from the state of emotional dysregulation to a state of peace and self-confidence through a personalized approach designed to meet your particular needs. I am here to help you feel ready for everything life throws at you and be more focused and productive in life. Whether you’re struggling with grief, psychological traumas or handling career dissatisfaction, I can help you while bringing the most effective ways to cope with challenges of life and figure out what you want to in your life to help you grow as a person. 

Couples Counselling

Relationship issues can be brought on by changes in relationships, and it’s difficult to know how to adapt and keep the bond strong despite all changes. If you and your partner are struggling with your relationship and leading separate lives, I can help. Couples counselling helps couples resolve their issues and restore a healthy level of communication to alleviate distress in the relationship. I will hear you and your partner and allow both of you to express your thoughts, insecurities, feelings and wishes within a highly confidential and non-judgmental environment. So, let’s reduce the conflicts and improve communication and intimacy in your relationship.


Some of the most successful people find themselves lost, drowned in responsibilities and struggles of life. We get so caught up in supporting others and meeting their expectations we forget to live a life we deserve. An ideal life requires you to do what you are passionate about, live align with your values and get surrounded by an encouraging support system. Creating these conditions, living life with intention and making your dream life a reality is challenging when you don’t have a roadmap. I am committed to helping you live your ideal life by improving emotional intelligence, self-awareness and relationships. Coaching helps you set goals that are achieveable and practical no matter how big your dreams are. By working with a coach, you are able to be kept accountable when making steps towards your goals.