Individual Counselling

Sometimes, for all of us, life can be difficult, troublesome and full of inexplicable problems and pain. Maybe you’ve tried to help yourself out, but felt discouraged that changed nothing. I’m here to help you make you feel better and live a peaceful and happier life.

I am a professional counsellor providing people with the individual therapy to explore the problems they’re currently experiencing in their lives as the pain of the past traumas may be preventing them to live a fulfilling life. I can help you explore the issues that are shaping your life and help you when you’re overwhelmed and isolated believing that you have nowhere to turn.

Counselling can help give you a new lens to view your life with. With so many stressful events and continuous struggles to work through them, you might have pinpointed exactly what is that you’re trying to work through, but need support to overcome it. I’m here to provide you with that support!